Letting go


We sit with stuff for so long, feeding it with what I call a raw red bone of memory. It’s that open wound where you can see the bone and the torn flesh. The pain lies bare before you.

The healing comes with the letting go.

Easy to say ‘let go’, huh? Falls off the lips. Let go. Move from the lips to the act of letting go. It’s not a cover up. It’s not a shutting down and being forgetful of it. There is no escape from the stuff and the pain. Sit with it. Face it. Feel it.

But as you feel it – that raw red bone of memory – be gentle with yourself, be kind to yourself. Stop blaming. Start loving yourself. Easy to say, ‘start loving yourself’. Hardest thing to do, taking care of yourself.

When this happens you can let go.

Breathe and meditate, being awake to what you want to let go. Get in touch with your body. Move from your head and into your body.

Breathing helps ventilate, gets oxygen into the raw red bone. Get under it and into it. It will be uncomfortable and almost unbearable times – but be gentle and be open and the feeling with be expansiveness and always do it without judgement.

Drop the story around the raw red bone of memory. Drop it like a stone into a vast pond. Watch it sink through the blueness-clearness of the water. As it drops you are letting go without blame or judgement.

Be kind to yourself.


One thought on “Letting go

  1. Letting go is a visceral act performed in the body which under girds and makes possible an attitude of acceptance which is a conscious choice not to resist. Letting go is the interior act which gives you space to get released from your identities. Identities we have not let go will hurt us and others.-Cynthia Bourgeault-“Letting go”


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