Sun shower

At long last, a new kind of light emerges.
It is an April sun shower -
A day for butterflies,
braai weather sizzling on the charcoals.
We are washed by splashes of light, daisies everywhere
and daffodils sing in the wind.
Butterfly ballet dancers choreograph joy.
On the other side of the planet, they frolic in
a shower of an autumn sun.

Between the lines of letting go

The morning sun has been elbowed again
And a dry, cold wind scrubs our faces
In the sunken April cloud.
Funny though, even though I yearn for May sunlight
(And the warmth that goes with it)
I have found a space between the lines
Of letting go, arriving fully in the present
And the pink blossom, against the gun grey sky,
Dances carefree in the wind.