A butterfly came visiting today. My first thought was of Steve, braving the bleak northern midwinter. The garden was awash in sun, the dappled colours of the unexpected visitor even more glorious than on a summer’s day. The reds and blacks startled in the green and the calling at the window got me thinking of other visits from afar, always unexpected.

A homecoming of sorts

She declared that she found her bearings when she became lost. Strange that. In the storm at sea, with the night sky blotted out, you are alone, lashed by freezing waves. No point in raging against the thunder. You are hardly even a dot in the gun grey night of the universe. No matter how hard you try to get that perspective, the fear is writ large; finding the courage to carry on almost seems impossible. And then you are reminded: Wisdom says you are nothing. Compassion says you are everything. Such a thought is a homecoming of sorts.