This morning
I wanted to
crawl out from
under my skin.

Become disembodied.
Get over myself.

Slaves to our emotions
played easy on the radio.

Step aside, seek the better part by
standing on top of the hill.
From this lookout,
see the world with quiet eyes.

Know the mind. How it
runs into the future,
runs into the past. How everything
is just passing.

Drop in lighter.

Here, open the space
around the tightness,
knowing freedom.
The only power
we have is
with ourselves.

Know the resting place,
where there will never be
ground either.

Only boundlessness.

During this pandemic we find ways to keep sane. Naming the uncertainty, that there is no ground, quickly sends a message to our nervous system that we are OK. It is when we seek to avoid saying it, that it festers.

I had been waiting in the car. The radio was on. Bryan Ferry’s ‘Slave to love’ was playing.

© 2021 Copyright Rick Frame

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