This is the birthplace of everything. The place that we come to that just is. Not what we want it to be. Not what it has been. It is the place that we have no other job but just to be here, in this moment. This is all there is. There is nothing else.

It is the same place where we fall out of an aeroplane without a parachute but there is no ground. It is the same place that we doubt, turning towards a wisdom. ‘Do not doubt that mountains walk,’ said Dogen, ‘simply because they do not appear to walk like humans.’

Each moment is all there is. The suchness, the isness. Here, we listen to our bodies, our minds, realising something unknown before. There was a death without dying. There was a light only because of the darkness.

Here, we release, shed, discharge and let go, and from this the whole emerges.

We discover we already are what we seek. We can start from where ever we are, changing the way we are inside. Always hyper vigilant, triggered by the quiver of danger, hard-wired for survival and not freedom.

In the birthplace of everything we find awareness, a place of safety and an ability to handle how we feel differently, like being with one of your ancestors, a wiser, older presence. Nothing to suppress and avoid but not to be drowned either. The possibility to learn being your own best friend.

The skin of a dream, cold sweat of an awakening and yet there is no enlightenment, only the ghost of difficulty, always tricky that sits in the bone marrow. On the breath of the plumped up cushion, the traces and tracks of fear clear away.

© 2021 Copyright Rick Frame

None of these ideas are my own. They belong to others who have passed down their insights, their wisdom, their courage. They are those who have gone before. In the emptiness, a fullness. The ground is groundless. This was particularly inspired by a conversation between Oren Jay Sofer and Dan Harris and talks by Henry Shukman. But other wisdom teachers were my companions in the writing. Marie Howe’s poem, Singularity, was somehow there in the midst of what I was thinking.

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