Boxed in

The call to direct experience,
to drop thoughts.
It is the way to escape
the boxed in mind.

Finding out is
everywhere. Like music.
It is way beyond the instrument.

How we love our specialness –
the promises, the fantasies –
The next exciting thing
the insulation, forgetting to put
value on living, where the dog comes up
and licks you.

Here sitting you swallow yourself whole.
All the juicy messiness, the goodness,
the beauty, even the mystery.
The mastery is never complete.

Thoughts are just guests,
the intoxicants, the lostness,
the tin pot dictators
like the Past and the Future, tangling.

You are bigger than these stories.

Be the now of the living, the experience
of the breath in the body, even
the aches and pains, daring to not to know,
a clearing out, where thoughts are
little more than nothing.

© 2021 Copyright Rick Frame

I have been reading quite a lot about thought-based stuff and direct experience. The latter is a focus on taking the mind away from the endless thinking and instead focusing on the five senses where vastness and boundlessness are given so much more space. The thought processes box us in. Thinking is a great tool but a lousy master, says Jeff Warren.

2 thoughts on “Boxed in

  1. Am pretty clueless when it comes to poetry, but the sentence ‘thoughts are just guests’ really strike a chord in me, because I’ve been practising looking at my thoughts the same way. Anyway, thanks for this post!


    1. Glad it landed on you. I am sure you are not as clueless about poetry as you think you are. Often I write in prose and then pare down to different lines and create space between the words. I love words and find that poetry gives them scope.


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