Tender light

In stopping, the rocks are rolled away.
Wisdom teachers come along
the strewn path see with clarity.

They see us. ‘Ouch. This hurts.’

It’s a recognition. They will not
push you away.

They muse quietly, allowing
the experience to be here, just as it is.
They accompany us, not trying to fix us,
giving room to an intimate experience
of the part of us that is in pain.

What’s it saying?
What most wants attention?

The war in us.

How we are held in
a softening, releasing
the weight.

Disarmed, under the tender light
we make our way home.

© 2021 Copyright Rick Frame

I heard a talk from Kaira Jewel Lingo who found the rocks that had blocked my path and moved them away for me.

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