Somewhere close

To the question, nothing but a feeling of this:
An unbelonging is a commencement, to
arrive, to remake. There was a journey,
a return. Surely?

Like proudly wear the badge, a citizen
of nowhere, always somewhere geopolitical.
Even here, a coming home. Everything has its place

gathered long ago in star dust, where breathing
eventually gave life to the forming of words,
a belonging with flattened vowels.

They may be curious – or not, no matter – of place,
a discovery not far, quite close: the grandmothers
emerge on the savannah, the children
play under the acacia trees.

© 2021 Copyright Rick Frame

3 thoughts on “Somewhere close

  1. “Unbelonging is a commencement.” I love that! I think we need this feeling of not belonging so that we can begin the journey of finding out who we were all along. Another beautiful piece, I like where your mind has been at 🙂


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