In wonder

I have been, just this minute, surprised by joy. A butterfly came visiting and stayed around, for at least two minutes, captivating me, mesmerising me with something akin to the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Okay, in its repertoire not as graceful as that – but – in its pure wildness, greeting me, and holding back for a while longer; a linger in a beautiful circling of the garden which had become its amphitheatre of delight. The visit reminded me to go out of myself for a moment, in wonder.

The unexpected

The light in October never seems to warm up.
The darkness gets to you. This light that is squashed.
Except the other day. We had sun washing us everywhere.
The unexpected visit of the blue of the sky and the joy of the Emperor.
Deep red, appearing at our window.
Just when I had said on the phone that we had seen 
the last of the butterflies.
Was this the last hurrah before the coming winter?