Curiosity and care – a start

I am currently reading say what you mean by Oren Jay Sofer and, whilst there is so much to draw on, I have been captured by the idea of approaching a conversation with the mantra of curiosity and care.

Needless to say, this is not always my approach. I don’t intend to be careless. I do not set out to be careless. That is what I am not about as a person.

But whether or not I approach someone with real care all the time is something I am working on. Actively caring I think is the way to look at it. Thinking of their needs, thinking about what they hope to get out of the conversation is important to consider.

Of course, this raises an entire volume of thought on needs and Sofer is particularly brilliant at drawing out the key elements and understandings around the area of needs in his book.

Back to the curiosity part. I am feeling that we have to start with ourselves on this. Get curious about ourselves and what is happening in our inner landscape. This is key, it seems and has everything to do with being mindful in all the fullness of that word. It helps us to be curious about others and what is happening for them.

Which of course leads us to drilling down deeply about empathy and what this means.

Wow. A lot is happening and this is only the start.