Planted in our memory

Beyond the beach where I planted a dream
- Just to the south -
There is a special place, quite beautiful
The place Stevie was laid to rest in the sky and the sun and waves
He is in the cosmos now
Watching us and helping us. I am so sad - but he stops me 
from being so.
Planted in our memory.

The beach

These past few days that beach has kept company with me. For several days now I wondered why.

Then it came to me – I had planted a dream on the coast.

My mind’s eye easily travels back. Its footprint lies in the sand. It is also formed of a memory of conversations in the driftwood and the seashells, the small snatched moments of visits, the embrace of a time with a shared childhood.

The roar of the waves in their forever, drawn in the night, meeting the dawn. No picture of the beach is ever the same. Yet the familiar has a feel of a forever that will go beyond my time and space – when I return to the dream planted and the light falls out of the sky.

You walked by this morning

You passed through early this morning -
I woke from a dream.
There was no light in the sky.
It's winter here.
They say - is it a comfort? - that darkness is important so you can imagine light
But when in the middle though I am not able to bear it.
As you called by this morning
I heard you say, 'See you in the future' -
That light you gave, big and broad, wide
Filling the room.
Before, I - we - had no warning of the coming darkness.
Now, the future is not what I thought it would be:
Something for which we had
No preparation - a massive body blow really
Beaten up by the news, black and blue.
And yet - as you walked by this morning
I saw your light

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